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Partner – Data Transformation & Analytics

Jessica leads the Data Transformation and Analytics practice at Grant Thornton Australia Ltd.

She has over 13 years of experience in professional services, both in the US and Australia, performing big data analytics in the course of financial remediation and cash recovery engagements that provide her clients with valuable insights, validation of business outcomes, and cost savings.

Notably, Jessica has developed intelligent data models and advanced analytics techniques to validate large amounts of transaction data against business and industry rules during the course of complex remediation and recalculation client engagements.

Additionally, she works closely with other service lines and provides tools to support new ways of working and innovation amongst the existing products and services delivered to Grant Thornton clients.

Examples of work:

  • Executed numerous large scale payroll remediation engagements involving the recalculation of expected payments due to employees in historical periods against Modern Awards and Enterprise Bargaining Agreements that govern an organisation’s workforce. Thus includes performing payroll analytics to assess the root cause issue of underpayments identified and building automated models that support data rules and logic for several key industry awards. The automated models have been used to validate millions of timesheet entries for thousands of employees in the course of large scale historical payroll audits.
  • Built a superannuation tool that supports superannuation rules and rates for the past 10 years and recalculates superannuation guarantee amounts payable and any shortfalls requiring rectification to the ATO.
  • Developed a tool to support automated GST data and transactional testing and BAS trend analysis in accordance with the ATO’s GST Governance, Data Testing and Transaction Testing Guide
  • Certified Alteryx Core Designer
  • Certified Implementer of Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Compliance and Workflow Products
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