Wherever you are in your business lifecycle, your tax profile, obligations and incentives are unique to your organisation, industry, operations, locations, even your future plans.

If you are just starting up, you will need to structure your business tax effectively and manage any employment tax issues. As your business grows and expands, so do your general and transactional tax obligations and compliance, including ATO audits and reviews.

If your ambitions include mergers and acquisitions or take you to other parts of the world, you will need to manage all tax implications for mergers and acquisitions, as well as the expatriate and international tax issues for the jurisdictions in which you plan to operate.

If you need to sell, there are tax implications dependent on your exit strategy, with capital gains rules to account for. Along the way, there are multiple incentives and rebates that are key to your cash flow and growth: from employee share schemes and government grants, to research and development incentives, GST and indirect tax, and other small business tax concessions.

And while your business lifecycle plays a key role in your tax profile, so too does your industry. Each sector has their own layer of tax to manage and incentives to tap into.

The tax team at Grant Thornton works alongside our clients at all stages of their business lifecycle – and through all major events for your organisation. We stay across the latest tax developments affecting your business and industry, which means our advice is current and comprehensive, and structured with a focus on efficiency and long-term sustainability.

All our teams are made up of industry experts and through our global network we can bring together local expertise for the jurisdictions that are key to your business and growth.

Our Tax services

Corporate tax & advisory

We provide comprehensive corporate tax and advisory service across the full spectrum of the corporate tax process.

Private business tax & advisory

We work with private businesses and their leaders on all their business tax and advisory needs.

Tax compliance

We work alongside clients to manage all tax compliance needs and identify potential compliance or tax risk issues.

Employment tax

We help clients understand and address their employment tax obligations to ensure compliance and optimal tax positioning for their business and employees.

International tax

We understand what it means to manage tax issues across multiple jurisdictions, and create effective strategies to address complex challenges.

GST, stamp duty & indirect tax

Our deep technical knowledge and practical experience means we can help you manage and minimise the impact of GST and indirect tax, like stamp duty.

Tax law

Our team – which includes tax lawyers – helps you understand and implement regulatory requirements for your business.

Innovation Incentives

Our national team has extensive experience navigating all aspects of the government grants and research and development tax incentives.

Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing is one of the most challenging tax issues. We help clients with all their transfer pricing requirements.

Tax digital consulting

We analyse high-volume and unstructured data from multiple sources from our clients to give them actionable insights for complex business problems.

Data transformation and analytics

We analyse high-volume and unstructured data from multiple sources from our clients to give them actionable insights for complex business problems.

Corporate simplification

We provide corporate simplification and managed wind-down advice to help streamline and further improve your business.

Superannuation and SMSF

Increasingly, Australians are seeing the benefits, advantages and flexibility of taking control of their own superannuation and retirement planning.

Sandie Boswell
National Managing Partner – Tax
Sandie Boswell

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