In the constant state of change in which businesses operate, ultimate success for private equity firms depends on their ability to identify emerging trends and seize those opportunities ahead of their competitors. Preparation, due diligence and strong management are key elements to fulfilling these strategic growth outcomes.

Our private equity team’s constant focus is to help identify and unlock these investments for potential growth. Our broad skillset ensures we understand and advise on the complete lifecycle of what private equity firms and financial sponsors experience, including lead advisory, transaction support (including principal investment or bolt on, IPO or disposal), due diligence and tax.  

For private equity firms, this means we can anticipate key issues before they arise, negotiate terms swiftly and avoid post-transaction surprises.

Our Private Equity Conference has enabled Grant Thornton to continue to develop relationships with and deepen our understanding of the market and the market participants. As a result, we are optimally positioned to discuss opportunities with the appropriate participant, whether as a principal investment or bolt on to an existing portfolio company.

Holly Stiles
Partner & National Head of Corporate Finance
Holly Stiles

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