The Australian financial reporting environment is one of the most complex in the world.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large enterprise, with or without foreign investment, or family- or private equity-owned, there can be a number of legally-mandated reporting requirements to navigate.

Further complexities arise when companies are required to dual report: meeting both the Australian accounting standards for Australian reporting, as well as foreign accounting standards in group reporting.

Our team has a single overarching purpose: to simplify high quality and current financial reporting for our clients. We can help you understand changes in accounting standards, develop change strategies and clearly communicate your plans to your stakeholders.

Our Financial reporting advisory services

Financial report preparation

We undertake financial report preparation through our Centre of Excellence to help for profit and not for profit clients prepare financial statements.

Not for Profit entities

Not for Profit entities face unique accounting challenges. As a result, the AASB has historically issued multiple industry-specific standards to support consistent financial reporting across the industry.

Key financial reporting developments

Understand what is required of your organisation as a result of recent technical developments affecting accounting standards.

Local, technical and financial reporting alerts

Local, technical and financial reporting alerts

Guides and thought leadership

As accounting issues emerge, we often see a significant impact on financial reporting. To ensure your financial statements and accounting policies meet new requirements, the below publications explain changes and action items in an approachable and actionable form – ensuring you are aware of your obligations, any areas of complexity and potential impacts.

Merilyn Gwan
Partner & Head of National Assurance Quality
Merilyn Gwan