Mergers and acquisitions deals – despite the due diligence and financing focus dedicated at the outset – can fail to realise their intended deal value. This is costly to a business: the money, time and resources dedicated, the loss of value and goodwill created from the legacy brands and the future aspirations of the new entity diminished.

Often Boards and Executives are so focused on doing a deal that bias can creep in and it is easy to be convinced the deal is a great idea. This risk is heightened when an organisation’s acquisition is to plug a revenue gap, to reach an ambitious growth target, or because a market player is imminently up for sale. More and more, we are seeing failed or unsustainable merger and acquisition deals being the result of operational and cultural disconnects not considered before the deal’s closure, as well as inadequate post-merger or post-acquisition integration plans.

A successful merger or acquisition is as much about aligning financial goals as it is about cultural synergies and supportive operational structures. These components, like financial, all contribute to a profitable business and growth strategies and the overall value to the business.

The reality is that a merger and acquisition transaction can be a once-in-a-business life event – for the organisation and leadership team – if not a rare, long-term project to be managed around the usual operations of your business. An independent perspective is required to ensure value is clearly articulated and that it can be realistically achieved. Therefore, it is important to work with a team skilled in the full lifecycle of a deal, who understand common pitfalls, while taking a long-term view of the end goal.

How we help: pre-and post-acquisition integration plans

Our operational deal services team works alongside our clients on their major business transactions, providing practical advice and helping to ensure the greatest possible outcome and value is gained.

We work with you through all stages of the deal – from early negotiations and due diligence, to closure and beyond – to maximise deal value and performance. We take a robust and practical approach to your strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, value mapping and change management. This work is underpinned by our deep industry experience, where we ensure your plan will be successful – and realistic – within the constraints and unique elements of your industry.

As your organisation contemplates a merger or acquisition, we develop and implement:

  • a clear strategy for the transaction, and a plan to maximise value
  • stakeholder management and communication plans across the transaction
  • analysis focused on maximising the key value drivers and synergies of the deal
  • mapped-out change management processes
  • management and mitigation of all identified risks.
Holly Stiles
Partner & National Head of Corporate Finance
Holly Stiles