Today’s organisations are operating in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. The pressures to provide transparency of your financial and tax positions – to both government bodies and consumers – continues to be a growing area of focus for business leaders.

Poor data quality and disparate systems can be a serious threat to the accuracy of your reporting obligations. It can lead to inconsistent payment practices, incorrect reporting and non-compliance across a range of regulatory obligations that may trigger an audit.

In the right hands, the large amounts of data your organisation intakes and stores can be a powerful asset.

How we help

Grant Thornton's data transformation and analytics team works with clients to deliver robust data solutions to complex business problems. Our team is able to work with high-volume and unstructured data from multiple sources to deliver insights on key risk factors and cash flow opportunities for your business as well as transparency of complex calculations in the course of an audit.

We have invested in a range of innovative and automated technologies to efficiently handle your most sensitive information. This is underpinned by a team of experts skilled in the translation of this data in the context of a wide range of compliance needs.

As part of a full-service tax and accounting firm – nationally and internationally – we can draw on specialist expertise to ensure you have access to a complete and comprehensive team.

Our work of providing actionable insights to our clients via an integrated service delivery team includes:

  • Risk & compliance analytics: to identify if a company has a problem or a risk of non-compliance against a specific standard
  • Rectification and recalculation services: when an issue or problem has been identified, we can quantify it over historical years to get a full picture of amounts that need to be rectified
  • Remediation services: insights and trends on risk issues identified and explanations of issue root causes
  • Analytics to generate insights on areas of tax recovery and savings
  • Data transformation to satisfy external reporting requirements.

Our services

We work with you to establish or strengthen your tax governance and tax risk management framework and policies to manage tax risks.

Many organisations are grappling with a myriad of employee agreements and obligations, resulting in a wide variety of payments to their people.

Troy Wilson
Troy Wilson

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