For most industries, the world is your limit when it comes to your growth plans and opportunities. But the reality is, as you expand your footprint, you also increase the risk to your business.

Regulators locally and internationally are becoming increasingly focused on crime – financial, social, human – that can be conducted inside the business, due to your operations domestically and globally, or by your connections.

From laws focused on anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing to anti-fraud, corruption, whistleblowing and modern slavery, our teams help our clients navigate and meet their growing obligations to mitigate crime. We also help clients understand their risk profiles and develop broader risk management strategies to implement.

Our Financial crime services

Anti-fraud and corruption

We assess the risks and help clients design, implement and maintain anti-bribery and corruption compliance programs.

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing

We provide tailored AML CTF risk management and compliance services so that your organisation can manage this risk and meet your obligations.

Modern slavery

We help clients review the risk of modern slavery and produce a compliant risk framework, as well as conducting supply chain optimisation programs.


We help clients comply with whistleblowing obligations by making sure an appropriate Whistleblowing Policy is in place and effectively implemented and maintained.

Katherine Shamai
Katherine Shamai

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