Flex at Grant Thornton

The compelling client experience we’re passionate about creating at Grant Thornton can only be achieved through our people. We’ll encourage you to influence how, when and where you work, and take control of your time. In the process, we know you’ll be more engaged, energised and enthusiastic, and driven to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients and grow our business.

This support of personal and professional aspirations is what drives Flex Appeal – our program to encourage flexible working practices. We encourage conversations about flexibility across the firm, and want to empower you to consider working arrangements that work for you, your team and your clients.

We’ve had people work flexibly to meet caring, sporting, volunteering and side-gig commitments. How can we help you create the balance right for you?


Sean Burton

Is a manager in Audit & Assurance in our Adelaide office

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Meleena Davey

Is a senior manager in Private Advisory in our Adelaide office.

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Parental Leave

Balancing work and family can be challenging. We provide you the flexibility and support (both financial and non-financial) so you don’t have to choose.

As part of our commitment to you, your family and your career, we’re proud to offer up to 26 weeks paid parental and adoption leave for primary caregivers, who have been with firm for at least 12 months.


Hannah Hollingworth - Senior Manager

"I would really encourage both mums and dads to take that time to have those special moments with their little ones. It's such a special bond that you share with your children and just having that opportunity to take time off in that first year is so important for them."