Owners, shareholders and regulators alike expect more from the auditing and financial reporting of a business.

While it remains an important compliance measure that builds transparency and a complete picture of your financial position and regulatory obligations, it is also a foundation for robust future decisions and an indicator of exposure and risk areas.

Whether you’re legally obligated to undertake an audit or it is part of your best practice procedures or a milestone to pursue your strategic ambitions – no one audit is the same.

Your industry, operations, and growth plans make your business unique. So too is the audit, governance and financial reporting of your organisation.

Grant Thornton takes a holistic approach to deliver high-quality audit and assurance services. We focus on safeguarding governance, risk mitigation, reviewing controls and implementing robust treatments. To achieve these outcomes, our financial and accounting expertise is complemented by our continued focus on ongoing education and staying across the latest developments in technical and financial reporting and accounting standards.

Quality assurance, underpinned by industry expertise

The quality control of our audit advice is at the core of our offering. It is complemented and elevated by the industry experience we bring to our relationships. Industry experts are part of our teams, underpinning all our advice with real insights and a practical understanding of your obligations and pressures, as well as the opportunities for your business.

We are passionate about the sectors we represent, and our deep expertise in a range of industries means we can benchmark your audit alongside that of your peers. It helps you better understand the playing field in which you operate with useful and reliable insights for reviewing and developing your strategic goals, driving change within the business, and highlighting areas of improvement.

Long-lasting and loyal relationship

The relationships we build with our clients are long-lasting with consistent teams who know your business and industry. For many clients, we have been part of your growth journey and helped you to develop an understanding of, and to meet, your growing compliance obligations along the way. For others, we have offered a refreshing and alternate perspective as you seek partners that better meet your business needs.

Our approach and communication are reflective of how you want to work. Not every business or its leaders want or have the same expectations and timelines. At the outset of an engagement, we work with you to develop a detailed, yet flexible, plan for how you want us to work with you. It’s by design for you, with no surprises along the way.

An investment in innovation

At the heart of your financial reporting is countless data. Bringing this together in an efficient and insightful way creates a view of your organisation’s success and challenges in one place. It is also a reliable guide for the future.

COVID-19 meant the ways in which many of us work had to change very rapidly. We have developed platforms and dashboards for clients to easily upload information and access a real-time understanding of the process underway. We are proud that our continued investment in our innovative audits has meant meeting this crucial – often compulsory – milestone for your business can continue seamlessly and allow you to focus on achieving your goals or manage the impact of COVID-19 has had on your business.

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Our Audit services

Compliance audits & reviews

Our audit team undertakes the complete range of audits required of Australian accounting laws to help you to help you meet obligations or fulfil best practice procedures.

Audit quality

We are fiercely dedicated to quality, use proven and globally tested audit methodologies, and invest in technology and innovation.

Financial reporting advisory

Our financial reporting advisory team helps you understand changes in accounting standards, develop strategies and communicate with your stakeholders.

Audit advisory

Grant Thornton’s audit advisory team works alongside our clients, providing a full range of reviews and audits required of your business.

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