Whether it’s mandated for your industry, operations or future plans, or part of your best practice processes, protecting your organisation’s data – and that of your customers, clients and stakeholders – is becoming increasingly complex.

In many cases, you cannot operate to your fullest capacity or access new revenue streams without particular accreditations. In others, the onus is on you to demonstrate trust and transparency with those whose data you hold: often a deciding factor whether to engage you or not given your risk profile is now increasingly part of your stakeholders’ due diligence processes.

From testing your cyber resilience and becoming an accredited data recipient, to examining your controls for protecting sensitive customer information, Grant Thornton acts as an independent reviewer and auditor covering the full range of local and global accreditation standards and internal control reviews across all industries.

A snapshot to local and global accreditation and reporting standards we help you access:

System and Organisation Controls (SOC) reporting – including SOC1 and SOC2
Consumer Data Right ADR audit
Cyber Resilience – including a security health check
Microsoft Supplier Compliance Attestation – including SSPA
Prudential Standard CPS 234


Depending on your industry, operations, even your growth plans, there are multiple accreditations and audits that could be expected of your business. Our team helps you identify the right auditing standard you must obtain to fulfil your obligations and can ensure you meet the standards required.

Matthew Green
Matthew Green