The payroll function is no longer set and forget. 

In our experience, the causes of employers making incorrect payments of wages and superannuation are not intentional, but rather a case of complex Modern Awards and EBA payment rules that require careful implementation and continuous monitoring.  

Grant Thornton has a diverse core team of specialists that deliver solutions to your distinct payroll issue. Our seamless cross-collaboration provides our clients (and legal counsel intermediaries) with best-in-class service directly suited to your needs and a continuous team who is used to working together for all services.  


Our services

Payroll systems process & controls review  

  • Payroll process and controls review 
  • New system implementation assessment/support

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Pay compliance with Modern Award/EBAs 

  • Data analytics
    • Sample and historical payroll recalculations to quantify underpayments
    • Assessments of annualised salaries 
    • Better off overall tests (BOOT)
    • Long service leave calculations 
    • Rostering and Work Pattern analytics

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Tax/Superannuation advice  

  • Quantifying superannuation shortfalls & SGE advice 
  • Payroll tax advice

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Remediation/FWO support   

  • Regulatory support: Independent audits/assessments for Enforceable Undertakings 
  • Project management for payroll remediation programs
  • Facilitating hotlines and communications to impacted individuals 
  • Facilitating rectification payments back to individuals  

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How we help

With experience in over 100 matters across 20 Modern Awards, we bring together risk, data analytics, tax and forensics expertise to help companies and their stakeholders navigate complex Awards and meet employer pay obligations.  

We collaborate closely to build a strong working relationship with you. In short, we aim to provide a remarkable client experience where nothing is left to chance, and you’re fully informed at every step.

Additionally, we are experienced in partnering with employment law practitioners by utilising our data analytics expertise and advanced technology to deliver insights and historical pay calculations at scale according to legal advise issued.   

A snapshot of industries served:  Retail, NFP, Health and Aged Care, Technology, Hospitality, Councils, Universities, Manufacturing, Government

Thomas Isbell
Thomas Isbell

Modern Award/EBA pay compliance considerations

  • Modern Award/EBA pay compliance considerations


    Are your systems fit for applicable industrial instruments?

  • Modern Award/EBA pay compliance considerations


    Are you underpaying employees? Have you quantified all amounts due?

  • Modern Award/EBA pay compliance considerations


    Are you compliant with superannuation and tax obligations?

  • Modern Award/EBA pay compliance considerations


    Do you require Independent Audit support for Enforceable Undertakings?