There can be a number of indirect taxes affecting your business and transactions at any one time: GST, stamp duty, fuel tax credits and land tax, just to name a few.

Businesses must navigate these, and account for them, regardless of how your businesses’ profitability is tracking. It can be a complex exercise and – with inefficient structures in place – a costly one too.

Our specialist team at Grant Thornton works with clients on all their indirect taxes, ensuring you can minimise their impact on your bottom line. We know the pitfalls you can face, and develop efficient and effective plans to reflect your growth plans.

Our GST, stamp duty & indirect tax services


We work with clients worldwide to navigate GST in Australia and indirect tax to minimise impact on their business.

Stamp duty & land tax

We help you navigate state taxes – particularly around stamp duty and land tax – to ensure holistic view and tax efficiency for your investments.

Data transformation and analytics

We analyse high-volume and unstructured data from multiple sources from our clients to give them actionable insights for complex business problems.