Managing GST in Australia and the indirect taxes for your business – like stamp duty, fuel tax credits and payroll tax – can be a complex and costly exercise. GST costs can account for up to nine per cent of a company’s cash flow.

When it comes to indirect taxes, Grant Thornton’s specialists understand efficient structures and clear pathways, as well as the common pitfalls, organisations may encounter. With our deep technical knowledge and vast practical experience, we can help you minimise the impact of GST and indirect taxes on your business.

An increase in the number of entities operating on a global level in recent years has resulted in tax authorities globally placing an increased focus on international transactions. We deliver practical, commercial and tax-effective advice.

Are you an offshore company operating in Australia?

Australian tax laws can be complicated to navigate – especially if you’re an international organisation that is unfamiliar with operating in Australia. Our team works with organisations from all jurisdictions that are investing in Australia to ensure business and operations compliance with Australian GST and indirect tax laws.

Are you doing business overseas?

Grant Thornton’s global network with more than 56,000 people in over 140 countries means that with a single point of contact you have access to tax and indirect tax experts for the jurisdictions in which you plan to operate or invest.

Are you in a dispute with the ATO?

We proactively negotiate firmly and fairly with the ATO on clients’ behalf. Early engagement with the ATO can be key to obtaining an outcome to satisfy all parties. Where necessary, we take matters to the tax tribunal and beyond.

In addition, in relation to GST and indirect taxes, we can help you manage your initial registration, compliance, transactions, acquisitions and disposals, and restructuring.

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What is indirect tax?

Indirect tax is a tax to a business that is levied on the goods and services within your organisation and not on your income or profits.

What is GST?

GST – or Goods and Services Tax – is just that: a broad-based tax (of 10% in Australia) on most goods, services and other items sold or consumed across the country.

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