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Interpreting JobKeeper package rules
Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed the single largest economic rescue package in Australia’s history on 30 March 2020.
Insights JobKeeper Extension Rules made
On 15 September 2020 the Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg released the Coronavirus Economic Response Package (Payments and Benefits) Amendment Rules (No. 8)
Royal Commissions and federal budgets are critical things for Nonprofit human service providers to be thinking about at this point in time.
Podcast ASX listings to pick up in the run up to Christmas
When COVID-19 hit, new listings on the stock market took a dive.
Insight EMDG reform supports access to upfront grant
On 10 September, it was announced that the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) scheme will be reoriented from its current reimbursement model to an upfront
Insight Victorian Premier announces additional $3b business support package
The Premier of Victoria, the Hon Daniel Andrews, yesterday announced a major $3b stimulus package designed to assist Victorian businesses through the “second
Grant Thornton Affinity Federal Budget update webinars
If you’re like us, you’re expecting the Federal Budget in October to provide a blueprint or some guidance on where the government will invest, support or cut
Webinar - 22 Sept 2020 In Focus webinar: Looking forward and looking back
This year certainly hasn't been what we expected. With the challenges COVID-19 brought on, the implementation of two complex financial reporting standards, and
Virtual Conference Federal Budget Virtual Conference 2020
It’s more than a Budget, it’s a blueprint for businesses to “grow” out of the recession. Technical update – what does the federal budget mean for mid-sized
Brave new world
The impacts of COVID-19 will continue to be massive on businesses and individuals alike.
Watch on-demand Keeping up with JobKeeper
On Tuesday 1 September, parliament passed legislation to approve the extension and changes to JobKeeper.
Insight Five trends shaping retail beyond 2020
The coronavirus has turned retail on its head. Once we get through the pandemic restrictions, these five trends will drive retail over the coming years.