Compliance and regulatory requirements are an inescapable part of conducting any business. It is therefore necessary to build compliance frameworks that are efficient, cost effective and can be embedded into operational processes to avoid duplication of effort.

Grant Thornton combines deep expertise in legislative and regulatory obligations with broad risk management experience. This enables us to design and deliver compliance frameworks and advise on the design of operational processes and controls that enable compliance.

We are also able to assist with the design and deployment of breach frameworks. Things can and do go wrong – processes fail, systems break and people make mistakes – requirements will be breached. It is important to have robust breach identification, reporting, remediation and mitigation frameworks to reduce the risk of penalties or sanctions. Robust root cause analysis is critical.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Corporations Act
  • Privacy Act and information security
  • WHS requirements
  • APRA prudential standards
  • AML, KYC and anti-terrorism
  • Modern slavery
Jarrod Lean
Partner & National Head of Risk Consulting
Jarrod Lean

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