A number of reasons and factors could see your business heading towards insolvency.

Some come with little warning, others with a bit more notice. It could be a poor decision internally, an external stakeholder issue or relationship breakdown, even a worldwide crisis.

The circumstances that lead to insolvency are unique to your business and situation. What is consistent is that it can be an overwhelming, emotional and fast-moving experience for all involved.

There are a number of options to owners and leaders facing insolvency, including: voluntary administration, liquidation and accessing Safe Harbour provisions, bankruptcy, personal insolvency and small business debt restructuring.

Our Grant Thornton insolvency teams works with business leaders, directors, banks and other lenders. Whatever your circumstance, taking an early and proactive approach when insolvency is on the horizon means you have access to more options to turn the business around and retain the most value for all stakeholders. We work – quickly – to understand the factors at play and insolvency options available and bring together a national team made up of experts that know your industry.

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Grant Thornton’s insolvency team works closely with owners, managers and lenders to quickly identify and resolve issues that affect profitability, protect enterprise value and recover value. 

At an early stage, we develop a re-organisation plan to drive successful outcomes for our clients, including financial, operational and strategic analysis and a management team assessment. Our goal is to get businesses and organisations back on track and put them on the course of future growth.

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Our Insolvency services

Voluntary administration & DOCA

We help businesses considering or in voluntary administration to achieve best possible outcomes.

Corporate insolvency & liquidation

We help clients facing corporate insolvency to undertake the liquidation process to achieve a fair and orderly company wind up.

Complex and international insolvency

As corporate finance specialists, Grant Thornton can help you with raising equity, listings, corporate structuring and compliance.

Safe Harbour advisory

Our Safe Harbour Advisory helps directors address requirements for Safe Harbour protection and business turnaround.

Bankruptcy and personal insolvency

We help clients make informed choices around bankruptcy and personal insolvency to ensure the best personal and stakeholder outcome.

Creditor advisory services

Our credit advisory services team works provides clients with credit management assistance and credit advice to recapture otherwise lost value.

Small business restructuring process

We provide expert advice and guidance for businesses that may need to enter or are currently in small business restructuring process.

Asset tracing investigations

Our team of specialist forensic accountants and investigators have extensive experience in tracing assets and the flow of funds.

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Partner & National Head of Restructuring Advisory
Matt Byrnes
Matt Byrnes
Partner & National Head of Restructuring Advisory
Matt Byrnes

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