The investment opportunities between Australia and China are well established yet, in recent years, have also diversified.

Once predominantly resources-focused, the opportunities for both Australian and Chinese investors are now being driven by new markets and customer segments from a wider range of industries, including health and aged care, education, food, beverage and agribusiness and real estate, as well as financial services and technology.

While the opportunities are significant, so too is the competition. Businesses and investors must ensure they are efficiently targeting opportunities while fulfilling the complex tax and compliance obligations unique to the jurisdiction in which they are investing, as well as managing the important cultural expectations.

Our China practice works alongside Chinese businesses looking to undertake a range of investments into Australia, helping to establish the most effective path for doing so. We work with companies already in Australia looking to expand their investments, as well as new entrants investing in a range of sectors, or accessing Australia’s world-leading talent and resources critical to their organisation’s success. We also advise Australian businesses seeking growth by investing in China, be it expanding their operations, finding efficiencies or tapping into new, reliable markets, for instance, the fast-growing middle class across China.

Our team is led by experts who understand what it means to do business in, and between, Australia and China. Our technical excellence is complemented by a cultural understanding that is crucial for a successful transaction. By engaging with Grant Thornton, our clients gain access to our global network, bringing the best thinking and experience together, including with partners and intermediaries for a full service, collaborative team.

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Bei Bei Han
Bei Bei Han

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