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Remarkable new beginnings

Ready to take the next step in your career?

You’ve worked hard to establish your career, now it’s time to make it remarkable.

At Grant Thornton we set the bar high to deliver a strikingly different working experience. Here, you will be exposed to challenging and meaningful opportunities – connecting you with clients and projects that will give you the opportunity to make a genuine impact.

And with a strong focus on cultivating a culture of care and support, we are committed to ensuring that you can experience remarkable support at every stage of your career.  

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Gain remarkable exposure  

We understand that everyone’s career journey is unique. That’s why we empower you to drive how and where your career grows by providing more opportunities for you to explore and experience. Our team structure and approach to client engagement means that you'll work closely alongside leading Partners and specialists across a broad range of industries and experiences, enabling you to hone your skills and expertise on client projects that have a lasting impact.

Got bold ambitions? Us too! When you join Grant Thornton, you’re joining a globally integrated firm filled with possibilities. 

With six offices across Australia and partner firms in more than 145 markets, we have the reach to take you wherever you want to go.  

For more information on how we invest in your ongoing career development and strive to create a culture of continuous learning and growth, click here.

Featured new opportunities

Can’t find the specific role you’re looking for? We’re always looking for great people. If you are interested in having a broader career discussion with us, contact our Talent Acquisition team directly for a confidential discussion.

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Meet our people

Our team members share their remarkable career journeys and experiences of working at Grant Thornton.

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Our recruitment process  

Interested in applying? Here’s what to expect:

We understand that taking the next step in your career is a big decision. Ensuring that you find your perfect new fit is as important to us as it is to you.

Our structured recruitment process ensures that you have the opportunity to learn about Grant Thornton and for us to determine what opportunity is the best fit.

A member of our Talent Acquisition team will communicate with you during each step in the process to answer your questions, provide advice and guide you through the process.


Please prepare for behavioural-based interviews with technical focus around the role requirements and your experience to date. We recommend you research Grant Thornton so you may participate with well-prepared questions.

Face-to-face interviews are preferred and are usually conducted with two Grant Thornton team members (usually, Partner/Director or Senior Manager/Manager). A Microsoft Teams online interview may be arranged as an alternative, if necessary.  

A second interview may not be required for some roles.

Online assessments

You may be required to complete a suite of assessments around your cognitive ability as well as potential to learn, adapt and perform in the role. Please aim to complete your assessments within 48 hours of receiving them via email.

Your point of contact in the Talent Acquisition team will  aim to provide an application update within two business days of assessment completion.

Types of online assessments

Depending on the role you have applied for, assessments may include a combination of the following:

  • numerical reasoning – assesses your ability to evaluate, analyse and interpret numerical information (e.g., interpreting data and conducting basic numerical calculations). We recommend having a calculator, pen and paper to take notes as needed
  • verbal reasoning– assesses your ability to evaluate, analyse and interpret written information and drawing logical conclusions from the material provided  
  • critical reasoning– assesses your ability to draw inferences, problem solve and make logical decisions based on unfamiliar or abstract information
  • behavioural– identifies your working style and preferences, evaluates role fit and suggests likely role performance based on a series of scenarios.

Assessment format

During assessment, you may be presented with scenarios, diagrams or written passages and following that asked to select an option from a list or rank a series of statements.

Assessments are designed to measure how quickly and accurately you can work through the set of questions, regardless of whether the assessment is timed or untimed. Once you have commenced the assessment, you should complete it in one sitting, as breaks or delays may impact overall results.

Depending on the role you have applied for, your online assessment may be Cappfinity or SHL testing. You can determine this from the assessment invitation link. We recommend candidate to attempt practise tests prior to their actual assessment for optimal performance.  We recommend the candidate to select a range of practice tests within the relevant testing link (below) to familiarise themselves with the process.

More information:

Assessment setup

  • Complete your assessments on a computer with a strong internet connection (preferably DSL) with a Flash-enabled browser. Assessments will work on browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and more recent versions of Internet Explorer.  
  • We recommend completing the assessments on a desktop or laptop computer. We do not recommend using smart phones or tablets.
  • To optimise your performance, we recommend that you complete the online assessments when you are well rested, in general good health and free from distractions.
Requests for additional support

Need some help applying or participating in the recruitment process?

We are committed to ensuring our recruitment process is inclusive and accessible for anyone who wishes to apply, and we warmly welcome applications from applicants who have a disability or identify as neurodiverse.

Should you require any adaptations to the recruitment process or need any additional support from us to help you perform at your best, we encourage you to select the option when prompted in your application form. A member of our Talent Acquisition will then be in touch with you to discuss your preferred method of communication, how we can support you in your application and your individual circumstances.

Alternatively, you can get in contact our Talent Acquisition team at any stage of the recruitment process at