Your career, your journey

No two careers are the same. We strive to create a culture of continuous learning and growth, and encourage you to seize opportunities to reach your full potential.

As a healthy, high-performance culture, we believe career development is best achieved through stretch and challenge, offered with support and coaching.

Our development support includes:

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Secondment opportunities

Our size and success mean we can offer exceptional choice as you develop your career.  Stay agile and you can take up secondments abroad through our Grant Thornton international network, or embedded with clients.

Meet Manjoot Singh

Senior Associate - Management Consulting

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Since joining Grant Thornton’s Cairns office as a graduate almost six years ago, circumstances and curiosity have intersected to give Manjoot Singh unexpected opportunities. Originally starting in the private advisory team, when COVID-19 put a hold on international arrivals, Manjoot was offered an opportunity to spend time in Audit. More recently, after expressing an interest in learning about management consulting, Manjoot’s Manager found space in the Audit schedule for her to take up a secondment opportunity there, building her knowledge and skills in another area of the firm. ‘Even though it wasn’t directly related to audit or the type of work that I'm usually doing, I can now bring some of those skills and knowledge into my Audit work, and I have a better appreciation of a different service line as well,’ Manjoot said.

When she needed to help family in Sydney late last year, Grant Thornton facilitated her working from the Sydney office for several months, something Manjoot is grateful for especially as her stay in Sydney was longer than initially anticipated. ‘I really have appreciated them having my back in difficult situations. A few years ago, my mother was in hospital for an extended period, and they were also accommodating for me to drive back and forth between different towns to support my family. ‘It makes you feel comfortable to bring your whole self to work, because people are interested and care about you as a person.’