NSW manufacturers and innovators can now access government grant programs to co-fund their projects.

Two major grant programs have been launched to support NSW companies investing in net-zero and physical science projects, filling the notable absence of government grant support in NSW since the March 2023 state election.

$275m Net Zero Manufacturing Initiative

The NSW State Government is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. The three program areas of the Net Zero Manufacturing Initiative were designed to support this objective.


Clean Technology Innovation

To accelerate the research, development, and commercialisation of clean technologies. Examples of projects that might be funded include clean technologies that support advancement in:

  1. Energy systems and electrification
  2. Land and primary industries
  3. Power fuels, including hydrogen
Low Carbon Product Manufacturing

To expand and increase local manufacturing capacity of low carbon products and materials. Examples of projects that might be funded include production and manufacturing of low carbon: 

  1. Building materials
  2. Chemicals
  3. Power fuels and biofuels derived from biomass
  4. Agricultural inputs 
Renewable Manufacturing

To expand and increase local manufacturing capacity of components for renewable energy. Examples of projects that might be funded include production and manufacturing of:

  1. Renewable energy components (generation, storage, transmission)
  2. Hydrogen electrolysers


  • Clean technology innovation – up to $25m funding pool:
    • Commercial readiness stream: $250,000 to $5m per project for up to 50 per cent eligible costs.
    • Project development stream: up to $250,000 for up to 50 per cent eligible costs
  • Low carbon product manufacturing – up to $100m funding pool:
    • Construction ready stream: $2m to $20m per project up to 50 per cent eligible costs
    • Project development stream: $50,000 to $900,000 per project for up to 50 per cent eligible costs
  • Renewable manufacturing – up to $150m
    • Construction ready stream: $5m to $150m per project for up to 50 per cent eligible costs


Expressions of interest close early to mid-April depending on the application stream. Please reach out if you have a project you think might be eligible.

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$3.5m Physical Sciences Fund

A competitive program for technology development and commercialisation is now available to support NSW-based start-ups and businesses.

This program aims to advance the development of innovative devices and systems in the physical sciences and engineering fields, including physics, chemistry, astronomy, and earth sciences. The program targets companies with innovative devices/ systems within the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) range of 3-7.

Intended Program Outcomes

  • help promising startups develop technologies, to attract future funding and investment
  • support the growth of innovative global companies headquartered in NSW
  • deliver social, economic and/or environmental benefits in NSW


Between $200,000 and $2m for a single project.


Open now, closes 29 April 2024.


  • An incorporated entity, with their headquarters in NSW with a revenue of less than $2.5m for FY23. Cannot be a state-owned corporation or government agency.
  • Has the relevant IP or licensing, as well as a project focused on commercialization, as well as a prototype or proof of concept. Must be able to demonstrate the use and feasibility of the project.

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Other grants

If these grants don’t quite suit your project, please check out the following NSW and Federal Government Grant Programs:

NSW Medical Devices Fund, Round 12

Supporting TRL 3+ medical device projects to improve patient care, health and wellbeing, and generating economic, social and environmental benefits to NSW. Funding between $500,000 to $5m per application. Preliminary applications close 29 March 2024.  

Federal Industry Growth Program

Advisory and grants program supporting SMEs to commercialise and grow ideas into new products, processes and services. Grant streams offer up to $5m per project. Open now.

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Federal Climate Smart Agriculture Program: Partnerships and Innovation

To support climate-smart, sustainable, productive and profitable agricultural and natural resource management innovation. Funding from $500,000 to $5m per project. Requires consortium with a university/regional delivery partner. Projects supported include developing, trialling, implementing new tools & practices:

  • Sustainable ag practices to protect/enhance soil, water, vegetation
  • Resilience to climate change, increase carbon sequestration, reduce emissions on farming systems
  • Support uptake of Industry sustainability frameworks/credentials
  • Helping Agrifood businesses to improve sustainability, productivity, profitability, adaption to market / supply changes

Closes 8 April 2024.

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Federal Climate Smart Agriculture Program: Capacity Building

To support farmers, community, Landcare groups, First Nations groups, Industry partnerships to assist farmers to adopt climate-smart and sustainable agricultural practices. Funding from $100k to $1m. Projects supported include:

  • Field days, workshops, conferences, events
  • Demonstration, pilot & trial sites
  • Measuring uptake of ag practices
  • Information services, e.g. decision support tools and info on new tech, applied research, other support packages to help farmers/land managers make informed decisions

Closes 28 March 2024.

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Federal Business Research and Innovation Initiative: Renewables & Low Emissions Round

Supporting SMES to deliver innovative solutions to government policy and service delivery challenges. Funding: Stage 1 up to $100,000 for feasibility projects; and Stage 2 up to $1m for proof-of-concept projects. Projects will respond to 3 challenges:

  • Increasing energy efficiency of commercial fishing operations.
  • Powering safe drinking water for Australian First Nations remote communities.
  • Alternative packaging for premium Australian wine.

Closes 3 April.

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We’re here to help

Struggling to understand which grant program is right for you? Please get in touch to discuss your project. We can support you to identify the best-fit grant program for your funding needs.  

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Learn more about how our Government grants services can help you
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