Undertaking any transaction or deal – be it an acquisition, merger, divestment or listing – is most often a business-changing event for your organisation. A lot of time, resources and money is typically invested into it. Therefore, getting it wrong can cost you a lot and the value you had hoped to achieve not fulfilled.


How we help

Accessing the right advisor is key to any transaction and an important safeguard for your business. We are focussed on supporting our clients make informed investment decisions through robust financial due diligence services.

To help you make an informed investment, divestment, funding or listing decision and create the best value from the transaction, we can work alongside you to:

  • understand the goals of your transaction, to tailor our approach and align our work streams
  • plan and grasp a strong understanding of the target business
  • identify and understand the key business drivers
  • form an understanding of all the relevant issues and communicate throughout the transaction on a no surprises basis
  • undertake clear analysis using the best in class tools
  • form conclusions and recommendations and again communicate on a no surprises basis
  • tailor a reporting method to suit your preferred requirements, focusing on the key insights, opportunities and risks
  • offer pragmatic and commercial solutions and negotiation support to resolve issues and achieve the best outcomes.

Our national transaction advisory services team is experienced, capable and hands on. We work at deal speed to develop a real understanding of our clients’ businesses and requirements, with partner-led service and long-term working relationships.

We also offer cross-border transaction experience and depth, working with teams in other countries via our international network enables seamless delivery of cross border opportunities.

Our holistic business approach to due diligence also means we have the right experts able to look beyond the financial areas, including: taxation, technology, commercial, strategic and human capital aspects that are part of a deal. Our integrated, one-stop solution helps you examine the detail, uncover answers to complex questions and ultimately minimise risks in your contemplated transaction.

Our transaction advisory services

  • Financial due diligence and related services:
    • Buy-side (acquisition) financial and sell-side (vendor) financial due diligence on mergers & acquisition (M&A) transactions
    • Buy-side (acquisition) and sell-side (vendor) financial assistance on M&A transactions
    • Enterprise to equity value bridge preparation and negotiation for M&A transactions
    • Sale and purchase agreement financial review and negotiation assistance
    • Completion accounts preparation and review on M&A transactions structured with a completion mechanism
    • Value accrual and leakage reviews on M&A transactions structured with a locked box mechanism
    • Earn-out calculations on M&A transactions structured with deferred contingent consideration
    • Financial due diligence on pre-lend and re-finance reviews
    • Investigating accountant for other assignments such as vendor reviews
    • Business health checks covering historical and forecast financial performance, financial position, working capital and cash flow reviews
  • Taxation due diligence 
  • Technology due diligence
  • Human capital due diligence
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Post-transaction integration support and reviews 
  • Investigating accountant reports on securities exchange listings
  • Forecast financial modelling and review
  • Pre-acquisition and disposal planning 
  • Pre-bid analysis and valuation 
  • Tax planning and structuring
  • Sell-side preparation 
Holly Stiles
Partner & National Head of Corporate Finance
Holly Stiles

Case study: Sale of Box+Dice

Client challenge
Client challenge
Client challenge
Founded in Melbourne in 2005, Box+Dice has grown to become one of Australia's most successful real estate customer relationship management companies, servicing over 1,150 offices across Australia and New Zealand. Once Travis Williams, owner and CEO of Box+Dice, decided he was interested in selling the business, he wanted to ensure he received a premium price for his years of hard work, whilst also ensuring Box+Dice and its people would continue to be supported in the future.
The solution
The solution
The solution
Through initial discussions with Travis, Grant Thornton was able to determine the best way to present the business through the creation of an Information Brief to send to interested parties. Grant Thornton contacted a number of potential buyers in the early stages of the process, as part of a targeted buyer list focusing on companies with complementary strategies. Through a series of discussions, a shortlist of buyers was established, with negotiations held with parties to determine the most suitable buyer for Box+Dice. After a period of consideration and negotiation, the most suitable buyer was selected as they best satisfied Travis’ criteria.
The outcome
The outcome
The outcome
The acquirer, MRI Software, is a global property software company looking to expand their operations in the Asia-Pacific region. From a strategic point of view, the purchase of Box+Dice integrates nicely with their current product offering, and will enhance synergies within the company. MRI was able to pay the premium price, and also detail a clear plan of how Box+Dice will be part of MRI’s strategy going forward, and how they intend to continue to support Box+Dice’s product.
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