Whether you're looking to restructure parts of your organisation, raise finance, assess strategic options, support an acquisition, or just plan for the future, you're going to need a forecast – which would likely come from a financial model.

Financial models stand apart from other business management tools as they are predictive in nature and allow proactive decision making. A good model creates a picture of the future in a credible and transparent way, with flexible assumptions that can be understood and easily changed to gain insight into the opportunities and risks facing your business.

In the current business environment, the time to make decisions is shortening and, at the same time, the amount of data available is growing. We'll work alongside you throughout the modelling process to ensure that you understand and own a tool that will be of lasting value to your business.

Our approach is to apply best practices in financial modelling both from a technical, as well as a commercial, perspective. Working with our team of experts, you can be assured that all our financial models are tailored to ensure they represent an accurate reflection of your business and provide you with the highest confidence in your decision making.

Our dedicated national financial modelling advisory team provides strategic, economic, financial and valuation advice for government and the private sector on projects ranging in scale from small projects less than $100 million to large and complex projects worth over $2 billion.

Our solutions

  • Corporate deals – transaction models that provide insight into value drivers, quantify risks and returns, and can ultimately drive a better price for you
  • Strategic planning – models that help you to evaluate and debate your strategic options
  • Infrastructure finance – specialist financial and modelling advice to the public sector to support contract management and efficiency reviews
  • Operational change – models that can assist with testing options, assessing synergies, and tracking benefits
  • Restructuring and distress – a credible model helps to rebuild lender and investor confidence
  • Insolvency – entity priority modelling tools can evaluate the outcomes of insolvency by unwinding complex positions and structures
  • Data analysis, model reviews and financial modelling training
Pierre-Olivier Lavergne-Brossard
Partner & National Head of Business Modelling
Pierre-Olivier Lavergne-Brossard

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