Supporting our community partners to thrive

We’re passionate about making a difference in our communities.

Through our sustainability and community engagement initiatives, we aim to contribute to society by creating lasting benefits that empower others to thrive.

Our national pro-bono program offers free or heavily discounted work for charities and social enterprises that support marginalised and disadvantaged people in our community. We also partner with a number of local and global organisations.

Some of our highlights include:

  • our ‘Committed to the Community Program’ (C2CP), which provides employees time to spend one day per year undertaking volunteer work andhas seen employees support various charitable and community organisations, including: Shave for a Cure, Movember, CEO Sleep Out, Whitelion Bailout and Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea
  • developing, funding and hosting the Red Dust Games – a mini Olympics for young people from remote Indigenous communities
  • partnering with Fitted for Work for International Women’s Day in the form of running a corporate clothing drive and makeup for donation to assist them with their outfitting service. Fitted for Work assist women in need to get back into the workforce by providing them with clothing to attend interviews, career and interview coaching sessions and CV writing services.
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Grant Thornton Foundation

Established in 2014, the Grant Thornton Foundation unifies our community support initiatives across Australia.

The Grant Thornton Foundation’s vision is to deliver tangible benefit to our community partners and support communities to thrive.

We select our national and local charity partners through our commitment and focus on supporting marginalised young people, support services for victims of domestic violence and young people seeking mental health support. Our people have contributed to these organisations in several ways –donations, organised fundraising days and events.  

For more information on the Grant Thornton Foundation click here.


Jesse Martin, CEO for The Streets Movement

“The support from Grant Thornton has been absolutely monumental for The Streets Movement organisation. It’s not only allowed us to financially grow and prosper, it’s provided a network – both internationally and locally – which allowed our local base to expand significantly.”



Grant Thornton Foundation Report 2023


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