Established in 2014, the Grant Thornton Foundation unifies our community support initiatives across Australia. It is one of the ways we deliver on the community aspect of our purpose: to support communities to thrive.

Our community is at its best when we all work towards equality and mutual benefit. The Foundation is a mechanism where we can see tangible and intangible outcomes that help our communities and have a positive effect on both our charity partners and our workplace. 

The Grant Thornton Foundation supports the community through financial donations and volunteering. We are proud of our contributions in recent years especially when they are put into context through the very real stories of: 

  • Young athletes with intellectual disabilities competing in Special Olympics
  • Mental health support for young people through Headspace
  • Young Indigenous people discovering their own leadership capability through The Streets Movement
  • Young people at risk of homelessness being guided and encouraged to take control of their circumstances through Whitelion
  • People living with disabilities being able to live independently.

How does it work?

The Grant Thornton Foundation is funded by employee workplace giving donations and an annual donation from Grant Thornton Australia Limited. The Foundation trustees allocate 50 per cent of funds to our selected national charity partners with the remaining balance allocated to our Social Responsibility Committees in each office to support local charities. 

The Foundation chooses national charity partners aligned to the cause preference of its supporters and fund them on a three-year program.

Our current national and local charity partners have been selected to deliver our commitment and focus on supporting marginalised young people, support services for victims of domestic violence and young people seeking mental health support. 

During 2019–2022, the Foundation also made emergency grants to: Red Cross following the 2019 bushfires, LifeLine supporting an uplift in volunteer training during the pandemic, and Magic Coat supporting displaced children from the war in Ukraine. 

Our current national charity partners

Our current local charity partners 


Want to help?

If you would like to donate to the Grant Thornton Foundation, please email for more details.

Want to know more?

These reports highlight the social impact being delivered across our communities by our charity partners. Our partners work with young people that are experiencing social and economic exclusion. They focus on igniting the potential in their young people, giving them the opportunity to participate in sport, personal development, vocational training, social enterprise, providing exposure to educational horizons beyond their expectations, and to live as independently as their potential allows them.