Having a considered and informed ESG response has never been more important for all organisations as we are seeing awareness of the elements of ESG continue to expand leading to greater stakeholder needs, increased demands for transparency, and changes to reporting requirements. But the challenge for many organisations is where to start and how to understand what is required.

Helping our clients navigate through what ESG means for them, Grant Thornton’s approach is genuinely collaborative bringing together our knowledge and expertise with your business strategy.

For many, your ESG journey has already started even though you may not have an overall ESG position. Knowing what ESG related activities your organisation is currently doing is an important place to start and will lay the foundation for the discussion on how to embed ESG into your business strategy. 

With ESG being a broad and continually evolving area, we play a role in helping to educate and inform your business and by doing so will help you make better decisions in relation to your ESG response. Our ESG services are underpinned by methodologies and frameworks designed to guide and support you through the process of developing your ESG response and meeting your reporting obligations.

As the ESG landscape is rapidly transforming, our ESG service offering continues to evolve to ensure we’re able to respond to your business’s needs. Understanding the changes in the regulatory environment, and local and global trends impacting ESG responses are vital to developing and providing our ESG services.

Our ESG core focus areas are:

  • ESG & sustainability reporting
  • ESG & sustainability advisory
  • Assurance on sustainability disclosures

Our ESG Services

ESG & sustainability reporting

There is a growing demand for organisations to provide transparency on their commitment to sustainability and disclosure of the nonfinancial impacts of their business activities. Commonly, the responsibility for sustainability and ESG reporting is landing with CFOs and finance teams, requiring a reassessment of a range of reporting processes and controls.

ESG & sustainability advisory

With the ESG and sustainability landscape continuing to evolve, we are focussed on helping your business to understand what ESG and sustainability represents and the opportunities and challenges it can provide.

ESG, sustainability and climate reporting assurance

As the demand for organisations to prepare information in relation to ESG & sustainability continues to increase, through changes in regulatory requirements or stakeholder expectations, there is a growing need for assurance over the information prepared.

Andrew Rigele
National Managing Partner – ESG
Andrew Rigele

Further ESG & Sustainability Services

Whether your organisation’s footprint is global, or you operate predominantly in Australia, there can be multiple risks to your business both internally and externally.

Tax is a consideration for every business, with layers of complexity driven by size, location, structure and industry.

ESG elements of merger & acquisition due diligence.

Litigation support for greenwashing actions.

Data analytics and project management associated with complex ESG activities.