Australia’s renewable energy sector has the potential to transform our economy. To do so, it must overcome some key challenges and take full advantage of the opportunities at hand.

The appetite for investment, support and use of renewable energy in Australia is strong and growing. Around the country, businesses from all industries and Federal and State governments alike have net zero emissions and carbon neutrality targets on their radars. While the deadline for each is unique, clean energy now, and access to it into the future, is critical.

For operators and providers in renewable energy, this brings about significant growth and enthusiasm for the sector. However, renewable energy represents a niche segment of the overall infrastructure asset class. These assets need to be approached slightly differently due to the varying risk return profile associated with long-term incentive schemes, financial leverage, construction/technology risks and input/output price volatility. It also remains a highly complex and regulated environment, not only at the outset of the project, but also for the life of your assets.

Navigating and operating in a unique environment

Whether wind, solar, hydro, hydrogen, biomass or battery, businesses operating in the renewable energy sector must navigate a range of changing issues, challenges, obligations, and opportunities. Our renewable energy team at Grant Thornton work alongside clients including developers, operators, investors and other key stakeholders in the renewable energy sector across the full asset lifecycle. As a full-service tax, accounting and advisory firm, we advise clients on the immediate issues and obligations, while also taking a long-term view of your projects, investments and strategic plans.

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As your renewable project moves through a typical project life cycle, your commercial, financial and operating requirements change.

How we can help you

Whether you’re just starting to engage in this sector, embarking on a change of strategy or looking to raise finance to grow, we're here to support you.

Our team of experts are well positioned to support you throughout the project life cycle:

  • due diligence
  • assessing all forms of financing
  • helping you identify and manage risk, including construction delays
  • engaging contractors, and integrating with the network in the early days
  • meet your audit, tax, reporting and regulatory obligations when you’re up and running; and
  • advising on acquisitions, divestments and IPOs along the way.

Our CFO Advisory team works extensively with developers, operators and financiers and has deep experience in the unique corporate reporting issues affecting Australia’s renewables sector, from the highly complex International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) considerations relating to Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and other project documents and structures to the rigour and governance around financial reporting processes required by investors, regulators and auditors.

We also focus on the growing area of environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting, helping businesses work through the complex external reporting frameworks and design their own reporting processes in response to the wide range of nonfinancial issues that are important to stakeholders.

We strive to provide a strikingly different experience – one that’s more personal, proactive, authentic and agile – we want to partner with you for a successful outcome. From an unmatched onboarding approach to regular relationship reviews, you’ll notice our service difference from day one.

Kate Bonner
Kate Bonner

Australia’s renewable energy potential

Renewable energy has a vital role to play in Australia’s economic future and is high on the agenda for the Government’s Federal Budget. We have the resources to produce clean energy minerals such as lithium, copper and nickel as well as the ability to manufacture the finished products such as wind turbines and batteries. A national approach and government investment can position Australia as a global renewable energy superpower.