Diversity and inclusion

Our people come from diverse backgrounds, with their own unique skills and talents. This helps us create a strong and dynamic organisation where we foster innovation, curiosity and diversity of thought.

We not only treat everyone fairly, we celebrate the breadth and diversity of experiences and perspectives that people bring to Grant Thornton.


Michael Catteral - Partner

"LGBTI+ inclusion in the workplace is fundamentally important. Working at Grant Thornton, I feel like this is a safe environment. This is an environment where I can flourish and where my uniqueness is something that can be harnessed."

DAWN (Diversity at Work Now)

DAWN – our Diversity at Work Now committee – seeks to build awareness, headline and celebrate diversity and create an inclusive and welcoming work environment across each office.  Local committees in each of our Australian offices drive the celebration of diversity for all our people. 

Nationally, DAWN leads the organisation and celebration of events such as:

  • International Women’s Day
  • NAIDOC Week
  • Mental Health Week
  • International Men’s Day
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Gender Equity Network (GEN)

Gender Equity is important to everyone at Grant Thornton. We are committed to strengthen our focus and ensure all our people are able to achieve their full potential through our gender equity employee network, aptly named GEN.  

GEN supports women and gender diverse people by building a strong network of members and allies working together to create awareness and understanding, promote conscious inclusion, advocate for gender equity and strengthen the pipeline of diverse talent for leadership roles.

Family Inclusive Workplace

Grant Thornton was officially certified as a Family Inclusive Workplace in 2021 and has now been re-certified for 2022-23. Family Friendly Workplaces certification recognises organisations for their proactive efforts to support employees align their work, caring and wellbeing needs, endorsing them as a Family Inclusive Employer against a set of National Work + Family Standards.
The certification process provides feedback and benchmarking on our policies, practices, promotion, leader enablement and measurement across four core family friendly categories of activity – Flexible Work, Parental Leave, Family Care and Family Wellbeing.
Our CEO, Greg Keith said, “At Grant Thornton, we want our people to bring their whole selves to work. To enable this, we aim to support our people on every step of their journey with us: as a team member, a parent and a caregiver, or as a leader of parents and caregivers. Our people promise means we are committed to supporting our people to thrive, and that makes supporting and enabling team members to care for their loved ones while pursuing their careers and their passions… an important part of the 'GT Way'."

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PRISM: LGBTI+ Inclusion

PRISM is Grant Thornton Australia’s employee network group formed in 2018 to strengthen the company’s culture of inclusion by supporting and empowering the full spectrum of individuality.

Grant Thornton uses the acronym LGBTI+, which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and (+) identifying other gender identities and sexualities not explicitly identified in this acronym, such as Asexual, Gender diverse, Queer or Questioning.

As a national network of LGBTI+ people and allies who passionately and actively advocate for diversity initiatives within the LGBTI+ community, we are raising awareness of issues faced by LGBTI+ people at work and in our communities more broadly. The focus of the network is to promote a respectful, supportive and equitable culture and to work collectively to increase the visibility of LGBTI+ inclusion both in our workplace and within our broader sphere of influence.

What we do
  • We facilitate the celebration or recognition of LGBTI+ days of significance such as PRIDE, Mardi Gras, IDAHOBIT and Wear it Purple across our national offices.
  • We provide and curate ongoing LGBTI+ awareness learning opportunities and resources.
  • We provide a central point of LGBTI+ focused resources and supports for our people.
  • We’re building a community of visible Allies at all levels of the firm.
  • We undertake regular engagement, inclusion and pulse surveys to track progress and inform actions.
  • We collaborate with other Grant Thornton employee network groups to create a supportive intersectional network for everyone.
  • We create a safe space were our LGBTI+ people can seek out or provide support, share lived experience and know that they belong.
What we are proud to have achieved so far
  • Jan 2022: All Grant Thornton Australia offices will have All Gender bathrooms and change rooms available
  • Oct 2021: Pronouns in email signatures made available to all Grant Thornton Australia team members
  • 2021–2022: Recognised as an Inclusive Employer by Diversity Council Australia
  • 2021: AWEI Bronze Employer Award
  • 2020: Removed formal dress code so that team members can dress for their day in an authentic way regardless of their gender identity (including people who identify as trans, gender diverse or non-binary), expression, cultural identity and heritage
  • 2019: AWEI Bronze Employer Award and Global Diversity award winner at the Grant Thornton International awards
LBGTI+ inclusion is important at Grant Thornton, and we have explicitly called out LGBTI+ inclusion in the following policies:
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and Guidelines
  • Parental Leave Policy
  • Leave Policy
  • Employee Assistance Program Policy
  • Workplace Behaviour Policy
  • Family and Domestic Violence (under review)
  • Gender affirmation policy (in creation)

Inclusion and enabling team members to be their authentic self is important to us. We recognise that the recruitment process can be very challenging for the LGBTI+ community and that for gender-diverse individuals it can be full of unique challenges and complexities.

If you are considering an opportunity with Grant Thornton and would prefer to have a confidential chat about your individual needs or support please contact:   

Yvonne Faulks, Head of People & Culture Operations Yvonne.Faulks@au.gt.com

Natasha Caflisch, Diversity & Inclusion Business Partner Natasha.Caflisch@au.gt.com

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[Diversity Council Australia] [AWEI Silver Employer] [Pride in Diversity]

Champions for Action

Our Champions for Action are Australian business figures leading the charge for gender diversity. Each Champion has shared a variety of challenges, success stories, advice and practical solutions for addressing gender parity at the senior management level.

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Our diversity partners

Grant Thornton is proud to be associated with a number of organisations that support diversity in our workplace, including:

  • Diversity Council Australia
  • Pride in Diversity
  • Australian Marriage Equality

We support diversity in the workforce and recognise the rights of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) team members to live and work, free of prejudice and discrimination, with all the essential freedoms enjoyed by other members of our organisation and the broader community.