Manufacturing is critical to our economy

How can we support the sector?

Industry leader Michael Climpson

National Head of Manufacturing

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Australian manufacturers seeking to grow their businesses must address common issues, including limited access to finance, high raw material costs, inflexible workforce arrangements and resulting margin and profitability challenges.

Grant Thornton can help you adapt your business to overcome these challenges. Opportunities include:

  • new lines of business
  • new geographic markets
  • improved workforce arrangements
  • improving sales
  • controlling  and reducing costs
  • increasing productivity

Our business, tax and audit professionals help companies look beyond immediate challenges and develop long-term strategic goals. Our financial and operational services include:

  • maximising cash flows
  • improving operational and financial performance
  • managing tax
  • investment strategies
  • restructuring options
  • accessing government funding programs
  • managing risk
  • streamlining processes
  • entering new markets
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • IT investments
  • complying with domestic and international regulations

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