Developing strong sustainability reporting strategies with a particular focus on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) elements.

There is a growing demand for organisations to provide transparency on their commitment to sustainability and disclosure of the nonfinancial impacts of their business activities. Commonly, the responsibility for sustainability and ESG reporting is landing with CFOs and finance teams, requiring a reassessment of a range of reporting processes and controls.

There is often an expectation that CFOs and finance teams will be across a whole range of sustainability reporting frameworks, many of which require new skill sets and specialist expertise in an already resource-constrained environment – which we can provide.

As the guidance and standards on the disclosures in sustainability reports continue to evolve, it is important you receive the right advice and assistance to ensure your reporting meets the needs of stakeholders. 

Preparing your sustainability report

Grant Thornton has a team of specialists who understand the rapidly developing landscape of sustainability reporting and will work closely with you to navigate through the process of collating the right information, building appropriate processes and controls around the data required to support disclosures, and how to present the required information. 

We also understand the importance of aligning your current practices with the relevant sustainability standards to ensure the information you present in your sustainability report, including ESG, is best practice and is clear and concise.

Get in contact with our sustainability experts to learn more about how we can help you develop strategies, meet the standards, and produce rigorous reporting.

The logo for the IFRS Sustainability Alliance Grant Thornton is part of the IFRS Sustainability Alliance as part of the GTI Network and has access to further resources should they be required.

A pinwheel diagram illustrating our five step sustainability reporting program

John Askham
John Askham

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Businesses are increasingly being required to measure and disclose their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, whether due to upcoming mandatory reporting requirements or for other reasons such as grant applications, financing arrangements or tender requests.