From fast-growing companies to multinational organisations, an increasing number of businesses are looking across the globe when it comes to their expansion strategies. This can be anything from establishing new operations and outsourcing components to tapping into new markets, even how they mobilise their people.

The global opportunities for businesses across all industries are vast, but with this also comes increased scrutiny and complexity around their approach to international tax. Every jurisdiction you wish to invest in has its own unique set of tax rules and obligations. As your international footprint grows, you must fulfil multiple – sometimes overlapping – tax rules within these countries, while also navigating increasingly regulated cross-border tax laws.

Grant Thornton has a strong track record of helping our clients manage their international tax obligations across multiple jurisdictions. We work with business leaders and decision-makers to understand and meet their tax obligations for the jurisdictions in which they operate, while ensuring all structures and plans are coordinated, with a focus on efficiencies.

We work with clients at the outset of their global expansions, as well as multinational organisations, who continue to be under the spotlight of tax authorities around the world. We are part of a global network across more than 140 countries, which means we stay across the latest international tax developments affecting your investments and future plans. We understand what it means to manage tax issues across multiple jurisdictions, and create innovative and effective strategies to address complex challenges.

How we help

  • Deal with thin capitalisation rules
  • Implement tax loss strategies
  • Manage Australian Tax Office risk reviews and audits
  • Manage transfer pricing risk
  • Repatriate international profits
  • Understand withholding tax obligations

Our International tax services

Global trade and customs

Our global trade and customs team helps clients establish the right strategies to streamline the movement of their goods and fulfil compliance obligations.

Global mobility

Our global mobility team works with expatriates and their employers to create effective tax plans for accessing the extended talent pool key to your business success.

Brett Curtis
Brett Curtis

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