For many businesses, employees are their greatest asset, so keeping them happy and incentivised is an important consideration.

The FBT rules provide ways to increase employees’ take home pay and benefits.

Do you know all of them? We do.

In fact, our team members sit on various ATO and Federal Treasury committees and working groups and are at the forefront of legislative amendments and changes in ATO interpretation.

Both sides of government have also sought our advice about the financial and commercial impacts of proposed changes to FBT legislation.

We can help you simplify your accounting systems in this complex area and comply with ATO requirements. Typically, we:

  • review and assess your FBT policies and systems
  • identify potential savings for employees and employers
  • prepare FBT compliance manuals
  • review and lodge annual FBT returns
  • advise you on FBT issues
  • keep you up to date with legislation
  • suggest effective ways to organise your FBT affairs
  • find ways to minimise tax.

The result: a unique FBT planning strategy that supports your business

As experts in salary packaging, we can also review your current arrangements, help with new systems, advise you on policy, support your payroll and HR staff, help you choose service providers and create easy to follow presentations to explain salary packaging to your employees.

Elizabeth Lucas
Elizabeth Lucas