The R&D Tax Incentive is Australia's flagship program to support businesses investing in innovation. The program directly aligns with the Australian Government's focus on increasing total investment in research and development by offering businesses generous benefits to offset some of the costs for eligible R&D.  

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About the R&D Tax Incentive 

Are you developing new or improved innovative products or processes, undertaking experimentation or attempting to solve technical unknowns? If so, you may be entitled to access the R&D Tax Incentive program.

The R&D Tax Incentive can provide vital support for businesses by funding growth and fostering future innovation.  As an entitlement-based program, it is open to a broad range of industries. From the early stages of an idea, to when you are seeking to diversify via innovation within an established brand or business (including carrying out product or process improvements) the R&D Tax Incentive is a key platform to attract innovative projects to Australia.


There are several levels of support including a refundable offset for companies where their annual aggregated turnover is less than AUD $20m and a non-refundable tax offset when aggregated turnover is more than $20m in a financial year. 

R&D Tax Incentive benefits: REFUNDABLE R&D OFFSET Aggregated turnover of less than $20 million. Refundable tax offset equal to your corporate tax plus an 18.5% premium.  Potential to receive a cash refund. NON-REFUNDABLE R&D OFFSET Aggregated turnover of more than $20 million.  Non-refundable tax offset equal to your corporate tax plus an incremental premium based on R&D intensity. R&D expenditure up to 2% R&D intensity equals an 8.5% premium.  R&D expenditure above 2% R&D intensity equals a 16.5% premium.  Tax saved (immediately or in the future).

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Why choose us?

Grant Thornton's Innovation Incentives team works alongside you to help support concepts and ideas come to life. We do this by assisting with the navigation of the R&D Tax Incentive program and helping to identify your IP and the foundations of your offering, for true innovative success. 

We help businesses find savings, reduce expenses, and document their IP processes. This is especially important as the expected level of record-keeping is often higher for R&D than for other areas of tax.

Our highly trained R&D specialists understand the R&D landscape relevant to your industry, working closely with companies from start-ups to multinationals across all sectors. We tailor our approach to your compliance obligations from identifying eligible activities and costs, preparing your R&D Application and R&D Tax Incentive Schedule, ensuring that R&D governance forms part of your claim process. 

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Supercharge innovation and maximize savings through the R&D Tax Incentive - unleash the true potential of your research and development.