Real Estate & Construction Webinar Series - GST Property: deep dive into the Margin Scheme

As the margin scheme is widely used by those in the real estate & construction industry, this webinar will provide a detailed examination into the application of the margin scheme.

Specifically this webinar will include the following:

  • Eligibility requirements to apply the margin scheme in depth
  • Methods available in determining the appropriate cost base to calculate the ‘margin’ under the margin scheme
  • Rules to navigate when applying the margin scheme to a property that has previously been purchased as a GST-free sale of a going concern
  • Specific margin scheme concessions available to sellers when dealing with Government agencies, including a high level discussion on the implications of improved and unimproved land

GST specialists Gemma Higgins and Tom Polkinghorne will tell you what you need to be on top of to meet your GST obligations when applying the margin scheme.


Featured speakers:

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Tom Polkinghorne

Senior Associate - National Specialist Tax

+61 7 3222 0303

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