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Depreciation of intangible assets

05 Apr 2016

For Australian mid-size businesses, among their most important and valuable assets are intangible assets. Broadly speaking, depreciation of these assets allows for some of the cost of acquisition and use to be recouped over the life of the assets in the form of tax deductions.

Data integrity focus continues at APRA

22 Mar 2016

APRA recently released guidance on the reporting of housing loan data, in particular where the loan purpose is incorrectly reported in the D2A.

Postcard from the Innovation in Retail Summit

05 Mar 2016

Over 350 retail executives attended the first ever Innovation in Retail Summit in February – sponsored by Grant Thornton, Telstra, Microsoft and National Online Retailers’ Association.

Opportunity for Aged Care Providers

04 Mar 2016

Generous tax benefits are available to Aged Care Providers investing in software research and development aimed at providing improved services to their home care clients.

The Victorian State Government call for stronger accountability to manage the risk of fraud and corruption

02 Mar 2016

The Victorian State Government this week announced a number of significant changes to significant changes to the 2003 Standing Directions.

Next investor hotspots

23 Feb 2016

What are the next suburbs that are ripe for investment in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane? 

Industry confidence high for 2016

23 Feb 2016

A recent survey released by the Property Council of Australia, in partnership with ANZ, reveals the industry’s positive forecast for the national economy in 2016. 

GST: Property manager – principal or agent?

23 Feb 2016

A GST ruling decision highlights the responsibilities of property management businesses and agents in accounting for GST liabilities and/or claiming input tax credits on behalf of property owners. 

GST: Common corridor ruling defines ‘retirement villages’ classification

23 Feb 2016

A proposed broadening of the ‘common corridor’ definition may result in more retirement village apartments being eligible for GST-free services and accommodation than was previously the case.

New 10% asset withholding tax

23 Feb 2016

As of 1 July 2016, any purchase of real property that exceeds a cost of $2 million will require an Australian Clearance Certificate.