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Growth in a difficult economic climate

A practical guide


The global economic landscape has changed considerably over the past few years with the GFC continuing to impact economies around the world. Governments are considering new reforms and legislation, whilst businesses are learning from past
experiences and moving quickly to capture new opportunities and advantages.

Australia, less impacted than the majority of major economies, is now in a more forward looking position. Now is a time for entrepreneurs to gather their learnings and embed sound practices into their businesses. For Australian operators wishing to expand overseas, ensuring that your home base has a solid foundation is critical. While some regions and sectors are proving more resilient than others, it is prudent to
consider all your options to strengthen your business.

With uncertainty comes opportunity. Our 10 point check provides some quick reminders that may help you to improve your readiness to capitalise on them.

A 10 point readiness check

  1. Cash is king
  2. Get closer to your bank
  3. Be relentless on cost control
  4. Re-visit your strategy
  5. Get smarter on tax
  6. Sanity check new investment plans
  7. Keep an eye out for bargains
  8. Align performance and rewards
  9. Retain your talent
  10. Protect your personal wealth

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