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Thomson Reuters and Grant Thornton face complex AU tax

Tax experts join forces to help Australian businesses manage indirect tax

Thomson Reuters has partnered with Grant Thornton, combining tax technology with consulting and advisory services to help Australian businesses combat the increasingly complex tax environment.

Indirect tax, an increasing pressure area for tax departments and spotlight area of the ATO, will be a strategic focus of the partnership.

Hydar Al Ammar, Thomson Reuters Regional Lead (APAC and Emerging Markets) for Strategic Alliances and Global Firms said: “The ever evolving indirect tax landscape, with complex regulation, globalisation and increased scrutiny is an ongoing challenge for businesses.

“Having robust technologies that reduce risk by improving accuracy, transparency, compliance and control is essential for any enterprise to feel confident in its tax position.

“Tax technology and advisory services can no longer operate in silos.  We understand that a successful technology implementation requires a strong understanding of the enterprises systems, processes and data, hence why we have formed a partnership with Grant Thornton who offer these unique consulting services geared around our tax technology” he said.

Tony Windle, Partner & Global Head of Indirect Tax, Grant Thornton said: “The digitisation of the economy means that real time finance and tax data now play an increasingly important role in decision making for businesses.

“Grant Thornton is continually investing to provide our clients with access to the best solutions, including leading tax technology and training our people to implement and manage this technology for our clients’ advantage.

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