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BEPS goes global and local

BEPS goes global and local: What it means for operations in non-adopting markets

BEPS is here to stay, with more than 80 countries now having agreed to adopt at least the minimum elements of the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Action Plan.

But partial or modified application in different local markets is creating an even more complex patchwork of requirements than before. Without sophisticated tax management capabilities, competing demands could result in a greater risk of tax disputes and double taxation. So what are the complexities facing your business, why are the risks increasing, and how can you manage the impact?

BEPS goes global and local:  What it means for operations in non-adopting markets is Grant Thornton’s global guide to the current considerations multi-national entities (MNEs) need to keep front-of-mind as BEPS gains traction globally.