When preparing your business for sale or investment, business owners, the Board, CFOs, and management teams must thoroughly assess a range of financial, commercial, and operational factors.

In today’s business landscape, we’re witnessing fast-paced change, characterised by transformations across industries, which are changing the way businesses have operated for years. 

The rapid deployment of AI technologies continues to impact businesses at scale, while at the same time, Governments and advisory bodies are introducing more stringent legislation and regulations around Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting, further changing the business environment. 

This guidebook emphasises the importance of sale-readiness in today’s business environment to ensure you're on the front foot when it comes to planning for a sale or investment process, or just being ready in case of an unsolicited approach. 

In this guidebook, our technical expertise and analysis of the current business environment detail the steps you need to consider ensuring a clean and efficient sale process.  

Guidebook areas

The guidebook covers some areas of consideration to ensure an efficient sale process, specifically covering: 

  • Grant Thornton Dealtracker summary
  • Value drivers
  • Process considerations
  • Financial, commercial and operational considerations
  • Tax considerations

Preparing your business for investment webinar

When preparing your business for sale or investment, business owners, the Board, CFOs and management must thoroughly assess a range of financial and commercial factors.

In this webinar, Cameron, Avinesh and Madina will discuss:

  • Overall considerations
  • The ESG due diligence process
  • Preparing for tax planning, corporate structuring, and due diligence process