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Work-life balance initiatives earn Grant Thornton recognition

Grant Thornton has been awarded the Family Inclusive Workplace Certification by
Family Friendly Workplaces for the third consecutive year.

Family Friendly Workplaces set up the National Work + Family Standards to provide benchmarking guidelines for organisations to measure how well they support their employees and families across the following standards: Flexible Work; Parental Leave; Leadership Culture; Family Care; Family Wellbeing and Measurement.

Workplaces need to provide evidence of their achievements over the last two years, including stories from employees who have benefited from flexible work arrangements and family-friendly policies. To achieve a Family Inclusive Workplace Certification, organisations are required to review and evaluate their policies around supporting family and a career, measure the effectiveness of these policies, and how well-equip they prepare their employees with materials and resources to thrive.

Greg Keith, Grant Thornton CEO said: “We prioritise diversity and inclusion and are honoured to receive the Family Inclusive Workplace Certification for the third time in a row. We and our people are always ready to listen to each other and learn how to build a culture where balancing family and work responsibilities is encouraged. This award shows how dedicated we are to offering flexible work options, such as the 9-Day fortnight, and creating an environment where everyone’s needs are considered. We are proud of our team and the recognition we have earned as a Family Friendly Workplace, which reflects our genuine concern and appreciation for our people."

Family Friendly Workplaces helps organisations create a culture where workers and their families are valued and respected. Together with UNICEF, Parents at Work, and other associations, Family Friendly Workplaces set up the National Work + Family Standards to recognise the important work Certified organisations are doing to encourage their people to be their best at work, and also at home with their families.   

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