What it means for your business

There is huge convergence across the technology, media and telecommunications sectors. Big players are seeking acquisitions to take them into new markets. 

And they’re in a hurry. New, multibillion-dollar markets can emerge and be won in the space of a few years.

That creates risks for buyers and sellers. Just as Big Tech can acquire start-ups prematurely, a start-up can also sell too quickly. An acquisition is no guarantee of easy riches – for buyer or seller. 

For example, while private equity firms and venture capitalists remain crucial financing options, working with them usually includes giving up some control of your business. It is not for the faint hearted.

How Grant Thornton can help

Exploring financing options with specialists can help you find the right business outcome – whether it’s a merger, an acquisition, or a stock exchange listing. 

We have relationships with venture capitalists and private equity houses that help you secure the right finance deal.

Going public? We can help you plot the right path across stock exchanges and other investment markets. And our specialist tax advisory services will limit your exposure every step of the way.