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Creating trust and managing risk

Simon Coulton Simon Coulton

What it means for your business

The world of technology is transforming again, driven by cloud computing, mobility, social networking, and data volumes that grow exponentially. 

Organisations are mining mountains of data, but only a fraction is being meaningfully analysed. Who knows what intelligence you are missing?

Equally, what risks are you attracting? In this highly connected era, suppliers, partners and customers need to know they can trust you. That means robust security, privacy, and performance are critical. 

The move to cloud-based technology doesn’t make that easy. But you have no choice but to move in that direction – or become irrelevant. 

How Grant Thornton can help

We help technology companies comply with changing local and international laws and regulations. 

We can assess and help you manage the risks that come with being a cloud-based business, including compliance issues. 

We offer internal and external audits, risk assurance, tax planning, anti-corruption services and fraud investigations to increase your confidence in cloud-based services.