A national series of roundtable events supporting our clients understand the Terms of Reference of the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability revealed the key concerns of industry leaders, as well as providing key learnings from our experience with the Aged Care Royal Commission.

The breadth of the scope of the Terms of Reference – as yet undefined – has left many providers unsure of what may be required of them and how they can prepare. However they are unanimous in their desire to create an industry that is much better in the future, with a solid reputation for caring for people living with disability.


Read the highlights from our local roundtables in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Our advice for Disability Services providers is to prepare, prepare, prepare.

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Put in place a structure, a steering committee with authority and the delegation to move mountains in their organisations

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Gather your data

Start to gather all the data and information they may be asked for around past issues, challenges, abuse. This is also critical for organisations who have acquired business units during the last 5 years (mergers and acquisitions), who may be asked to be accountable and responsible for reporting on abuse that may have occurred

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Have a process in place for data mining. The volume of data involved in surfacing issues is a major challenge, but it’s the issues that are more difficult to find that could potentially cause the most damage reputationally. To learn more about Grant Thornton's data-net - a methodology designed to identify gaps in data and provide a foundation for developing a roadmap to improve data quality and reporting click here 

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Be clear, open and honest

Have a clear communications plan, at community level, consumer level, and most importantly the people who deliver the services – the workforce. Be clear, open and honest about what the problems are, what you have got wrong, what you are doing to change