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Bill Petreski

Bill Petreski

I embrace the philosophy of ‘complex thinking, acting simply’ as it’s helped me significantly contribute to organisational improvement, aiding clients in accomplishing their objectives. This approach has proven instrumental in guiding clients through intricate challenges, leading to sustainable success.

Director – Consulting
Management Consulting

Bill is a seasoned management consultant with over 25 years of experience. He has worked in different locations around the world, such as Silicon Valley, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, and South Korea, developing a global outlook. His professional background covers public, social, and private sectors, demonstrating a versatile skill set.

Bill's strength is in helping organisations improve and succeed, giving valuable advice on vision, purpose, and strategic direction, all consistent with core leadership principles. His achievements include facilitating the development of long-term strategies and plans that enable transformative change and sustainable growth. Bill thrives in assisting clients through the transition to new strategies, technologies, and organisational structures, playing a key role in the implementation of complex projects involving operational planning, strategy formulation, transformation, change management, mergers & acquisitions, innovation, and business improvement. Throughout these efforts, Bill has efficiently managed project timelines, budgets, resources, and critical milestones.

As a strategic communicator, Bill has skilfully built strong relationships with key stakeholders across both private and public organisations. His duties include internal and external strategic communications, informed views on economic and public policy issues, and a significant impact on the wider business environment. Using his skills in teamwork and leadership, Bill has guided multidisciplinary teams towards delivering customised and comprehensive solutions.

Bill's unique combination of analytical skills, critical thinking, and leadership acumen has made a lasting impression across government, higher education, and business sectors. His ability to approach problems from various angles enables him to offer innovative solutions that bring considerable value to any role.


  • Analytical Strategy: Delving into clients' organisational structures, processes, and metrics to identify improvements and craft transformative strategies.
  • Operational Excellence: Proven in streamlining operations, enhancing productivity, and cutting costs, recommending impactful process improvements for operational excellence.
  • Change Management Specialist: Excelling in developing change management strategies, communication plans, and training programs for seamless implementation.
  • Innovation & Digital Transformation: Staying current with market trends to infuse cutting-edge approaches into projects, ensuring organisations stay ahead.
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Applied Physics
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Physics and Computing
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Bill Petreski
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Bill Petreski
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