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New Partners continue to strengthen Grant Thornton’s leadership team

Grant Thornton continues to develop its leadership talent, appointing 10 new Partners, a new Principal and 25 Directors from within its ranks to kick off the 2017/18 financial year.

CEO Greg Keith said the quality of internal candidates was a testament to the investment the company has made in the development of its people in order to build leading growth advisory skills for the future.

“As a company, our focus is always on our clients’ growth and building the right talent mix to support that. It’s extremely satisfying to see such strength from within our own team,” Mr Keith said. 

In addition to the 11 internal promotions that will take effect next week — 10 new Partners and a new Principal — in recent months Grant Thornton has also recruited four external partners to build its market strength in specific areas of focus.

“We have an ambition to be the leading growth adviser to mid-size business. By continuing to attract and grow the best talent to enable our clients’ growth and performance, we are well and truly on track to achieve that,” Mr Keith said.

This year’s promotions include:

Partners & Principal

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The firm will also be promoting the below 25 staff to the position of Director.

  • Peter Parsons – Director, Tax (Brisbane)
  • David Gibson – Director, Private Advisory (Brisbane)
  • George Bendall – Director, National Specialist Tax (Brisbane)
  • Warren Elliott – Director, Audit (Cairns)
  • Cathy Devietti – Director, Private Advisory (Cairns)
  • Edwin Chia – Director, Financial Advisory (Melbourne)
  • Jon Black – Director, Private Advisory (Melbourne)
  • Richard Mayo – Director, Growth Advisory (Sydney)
  • Siva Sivanantham – Director, Audit (National)
  • Joanne Kenderes – Director, Private Advisory (Sydney)
  • Jonathan Mather – Director, Financial Advisory (Sydney)
  • Pierre-Olivier Lavergne-Brossard – Director, Financial Advisory (Sydney)
  • Serena Lau – Director, Tax (Sydney)
  • Jodi Carroll – Director, Private Advisory (Brisbane)
  • Katherine Shamai – Director, Financial Advisory (Melbourne)
  • Jay Vasiliou – Director, Audit (Melbourne)
  • Chris Kandi – Director, Growth Advisory (Melbourne)
  • Graeme Morissey – Director, Audit (Perth)
  • Simon Gow – Director, Private Advisory (Perth)
  • Judy Jin – Director, Private Advisory (Sydney)
  • Kayathri Thangarajah – Director, Audit (Sydney)
  • Kimberley Vasiliou – Director, Audit (Sydney)
  • David Brown – Director, Financial Advisory (Adelaide)
  • Paul Ainslie – Director, Private Advisory (Adelaide)
  • Christian van Niekerk – Director, Private Advisory (Adelaide)