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FBT, payroll tax and superannuation webinar

FBT, payroll tax and superannuation webinar

FBT returns are due to be lodged in a few short months. To be on the front foot, listen to our one-hour free webinar as we discuss the latest updates on your critical employment tax obligations, including those that have come into play as a result of the COVID-19 situation.

You'll hear tips around simplifying and minimising your employment tax costs whilst maintaining or improving the outcome for employees, keeping abreast of recent changes and the latest target areas.

To be on Grant Thornton’s lodgement list, please contact us before the deadline of 21 May using the details below. Any outstanding liability will need to be paid by 28 May, and the lodgement will need to be completed by 25 June.

The above are current timeframes, which we will endeavour to keep updated. Please visit the ATO website for the latest updates to details and key dates for 2020 FBT return lodgements, including arrangements for payment deferrals.

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