Tax in M&A: Questions to ask your business and deal team

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While Australia has shown strong acquirer appetite and businesses from all industries are finding great success and outstanding returns with their acquisition and divestment strategies, M&A activity now faces an uncertain future.

Grant Thornton’s Dealtracker – our analysis of the Australian M&A and private equity markets – has demonstrated that despite COVID-19 trading conditions in the past 18 months, M&A deal volumes are up in Australia. In fact, this period has seen the highest level of deal volumes in the Australian market since 2010.

But what can be common in M&A deals are missed opportunities to optimise your tax, unnecessary tax leakage, not to mention identifying key tax risks to be mitigated. The more work you do at outset of a deal – while taking a long-term view of the transaction – can result in significant saved dollars.

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