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Attracting and retaining the best tech talent

What it means for your business

There has been a 40% decline over the past ten years of technology graduates yet job opportunities in this industry have doubled. To stay competitive it is vitally important that top graduates and other crucial hires choose to help you achieve your company goals and not your competitors.

When high performers leave your organisation not only to do lose their IP you also have to spend time and money replacing them, taking away focus from achieving your strategic goals.

Do you have diversity on your agenda? Your competitors do. The stats around women in the technology industry workforce make for sober reading, but it also presents an opportunity for innovative companies to gain a competitive advantage through diverse thinking.

How Grant Thornton can help

  1. Undertake a talent audit, to assess the capability of talent in your leadership team
  2. Complete confidential talent due-diligence checks on key individuals or teams
  3. Benchmark your high potential talent against your competitors or adjacent firms
  4. Validate that the right talent is aligned to the right role
  5. Develop an external succession plan for all business critical roles

In the UK tech shares are outperforming the market but is executive pay?

Grant Thornton UK’s survey of CEO and CFO remuneration in listed technology companies reveals a sector still partly in catch-up.

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