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Navigating the next wave of change in in-home care

Navigating the next wave of change in in-home care

The rapid ageing of Australia’s population is beginning to place significant strain on the aged care sector. The Australian Government’s Intergenerational Report (2010) projects that over the next 40 years, the proportion of the population over 65 years old will almost double.

Leaders across the aged care sector are recognising that traditional delivery models are no longer adequate to secure future funding and customers. The past decade of government driven reforms within the aged care sector, has provided incentives for providers to position themselves for future demand, with particular focus on the delivery of in-home care.

These changes coincide with other major government policy trends – such as the shift of funding control to customers via mechanisms such as Consumer Directed Care (CDC) and Activity Based Funding, rather than the provision of direct block funding to providers. This trend has also been seen in the recent introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).