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PDH Group Statutory Report to Creditors released

Creditors were advised yesterday the Liquidators have issued their ‘Statutory Report to Creditors’, which was made available to all creditors on Wednesday, 14 June 2023. This Report is a detailed update for creditors as required under the Corporations Act, and provides creditors with information in relation to:

  • The status of asset realisations and the likelihood of a dividend; 
  • Creditors including details of priority employee claims, secured and unsecured creditors; and
  • Findings from the liquidators’ preliminary investigations to date, including potential insolvent trading and Director conduct.

Grant Thornton Spokesperson said, “This detailed report provides our preliminary findings in relation to the circumstances leading up to the Porter Davis collapse, including our preliminary investigations to date. Investigations are continuing and further updates will be provided to creditors as the liquidations progress. A Creditors Meeting will be held in Melbourne on June 28 2023.”

A copy of the Statutory Report to Creditors is available on request. Creditors and customers can access a copy of the report via their personal login on our Creditor’s Portal. 

For more information, please email:

Media enquiries please contact: 
Carla van den Hoorn
Communications Manager
T +61 7 3222 0258

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