Jessica Fox

Olympic Gold Medallist
10 x Canoe Slalom World Champion
Grant Thornton Australia Brand Ambassador


Canoe slalom is both a passion and a lifelong pursuit of excellence for Jessica Fox. With a career full of conquering challenges and achieving triumphs through skill and dedication, she is a powerful embodiment of ‘remarkable’ to inspire Australians and beyond. 

Jessica’s story

At 28, Jessica was named the greatest paddler of all time in canoe slalom, overtaking the individual records previously held by her parents.

Coached by her mum from the start, she now holds 4 Olympic medals, 47 World Cup gold medals and 10 World Championship titles. In July, she will compete in her fourth Olympic Games in Paris. 

Out of the water, Jess is deeply connected to her community, an advocate for females in sport, passionate about the environment and a lifelong learner. 

Jessica Fox

Jessica Fox & Grant Thornton Australia

What it means to us

Jessica’s skilled navigation of the whitewater, adaptation to rapidly changing conditions and intelligent negotiation of upstream and downstream challenges resonates deeply with our services and CARE values and purpose. To us, Jess embodies ‘Reach for Remarkable’, our commitment to genuinely care for each other, our clients and communities that leads to delivering a strikingly different experience.

Reach for Remarkable can be delivered through proven expertise, principled execution and personalised experience. Known as the greatest paddler of all time, Jess’ disciplined approach to training and competition shows integrity and dedication to her craft as well as precision in skill and performance. Her extraordinary achievements in canoe slalom are a reflection of her individual efforts and the support from her coach and team – highlighting the importance of having the right team around you to achieve success. 

Caring for the community is equally as important. Water is at the centre of her discipline, so Jess actively supports caring for the environment. She also gives back to her community, dedicating time to work with kids and grow the love of her sport. This aligns with our commitment to supporting our communities, particularly the development of our younger generation, as well as providing opportunity for us to encourage positive climate action for a better future.

In and out of the water, Jess’ unwavering grit and grace inspire us to Reach for Remarkable in everything we do.

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